Friday, June 1, 2012

short blog post

I feel like I've been set free.  The Ray Peat video that I was attempting to blog about was just cramping my style.  I found that I just couldn't focus on one bit of subject matter for one time.  Not after I'd constrained myself to it anyway.  I'm glad that the video is out there where anyone can review and learn from it.  I will go back to it and bits from it from time to time.  Just not all at once.

So first of all, my ideas about Ray's view of life are changing quite a bit.  Influential people in his past may say one thing, but the man's perspective is extremely interesting.  Mostly because A.  It isn't anything I've ever heard before and B. It is reasonable

In that same vein, I wanted to make an addendum to my last post.  I had said that there is nothing special about life.  Well, I might have been a little premature in drawing that conclusion.  A more precise view would be that there is everything special with all matter.

Longer post on stuff to follow

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